Tribe Profile
Season: Season 8 & Season 10
Tribe Type: Starting Tribe
Day Formed: SFC7: Day 1
SFC10: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): SFC7:
Tribe Status: SFC8:

Merged with Jiut'Zsa on Day 23
SFC10: Merged with Carbo, Corsona, & Retro on Day 25

Challenge Wins: SFC8: 5
SFC10: 8
Lowest Placing Member: SFC8: Freddie (15/16)
SFC10:» Xero (20/20)
Highest Placing Member: SFC8: Melanie Aensland (Winner)
SFC10:» Jackie (Winner)

Yrsaka insignia


Yrsa'Ka was a starting tribe from Survivor Fan Characters: The Midway Island and Survivor Fan Characters: Battle of the Tribes.

During SFC8, Yrsa'Ka had the same number of challenge wins as its rival, but dominated the reward challenges. Yrsa'Ka was also known to explode into a huge fight during tribal council Their tribe color is orange.

SFC8 MembersEdit

AliceEmilee SFC8FreddieHeinz SFC8
Jackie SFC8KiaraMalikMelanie

Additional MembersEdit

Oehda SFC8Xero SFC8
  • Oehda, a human from Friends. (Day 4-23)
  • Xero, a rabbit from Rocko's Modern Life (Day 14-20)

SFC10 MembersEdit

EmileeAS ColoredHeinzAS ColoredJackieAS Colored
OehdaAS ColoredXeroAS Colored
  • » Emilee Vega, the likable, spunky girl from SFC8.
  • » Heinz Keller, the returnee from SFC8.
  • » Jackie, the temper tantrum jock from SFC8.
  • » Oehda, the strong player from SFC8.
  • » Xero, the villain from SFC8.

SFC8 Tribe HistoryEdit

SFC10 Tribe HistoryEdit



  • Yrsa'Ka is one of three tribes to be used in more than one season, the others being Corsona and Carbo.
  • Yrsa'Ka is one of two tribes to produce multiple winners (Melanie in SFC8, Jackie in SFC10.)

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