"Things Are Looking Real Crazy Around Here"
Season Survivor Fan Characters
Episode Number 1/13 (1)
Episode Chronology
Next I Won it for the Tribe, I'm Unstoppable

Things Are Looking Real Crazy Around Here is the first episode of Survivor Fan Characters  


Immunity Challenge: Each tribe would select 4 members to search the beach for oars. They would then run back, next one member per tribe would dig in a selected area for a torch. That person would go back and get the 3 remaining members, who will paddle in a canoe to a buoy in the sea, light the torch, and then race back. First tribe on their mat with a lighted torch wins immunity.
Winner: Schlipa
Kidnapped: Phil


Day 1Edit

At Drazen, Hugo tried leading the tribe to their camp, but Pat took the map away from him and led the tribe in the right direction. This early mess- up put a target on Hugo's back, and Wendy told the older man to lay low. At Schlipa, Craig tried finding an area for shelter but it turned out it was filled with snakes, and got bit in the butt from it. Bea, being the nurse she is, sucked out the venom and joked around with Hogan about it.

Day 2Edit

At Drazen, alliances are quickly formed between Pat, Oran, and Suzanna, Charlie and Wendy, and Eugene and Hugo, which left Phil on the outs. Wendy soon became the tribe's food provider, as she and Suzanna caught plenty of fish by hand for their tribe. At Schlipa, Merideth and Rene formed an alliance, and when Craig asked to be in it the two girls lied to him and said he was, which made him think he was a 'god at the game'. Hogan later hurt Lyle's feelings, and Lyle shared his sadness by crying in the middle of camp.

Day 3Edit

The Immunity challenge was close, but thanks to Wendy Drazen lost the challenge, which ended up in Phil being kidnapped. At the challenge, Eugene called Wendy a 'cyclops', and this caused Pat to target him. The she- wolf lied to Hugo and told him that everyone was targeting him and that he needed to vote Eugene with her. Wendy believed that she had a huge target on her back because of her mess- up, but Eugene is voted out ina vote of 4-3 between him and Pat. 

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 1:
Eugene Colored
Eugene (4 votes)
Hugo ColoredOran ColoredPat ColoredSuzanna Colored
Hugo, Oran, Pat & Suzanna
Pat Colored
Pat (3 votes)
Charlie ColoredEugene ColoredWendy
Charlie, Eugene & Wendy
Eugene BW

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Eugene, I can't risk keeping you around, you're not worthy to last 3 more days.


Hoo boy.


Pat, you cause the most problems at camp.


Pat, you are the cancer of this tribe, and you need to be cut loose.


Final WordsEdit

Well, I let my mouth get me in trouble, but I think Pat overreacted. Before we left I had a 4 person deal, and apparently someone broke it. They made a stupid move, and they will regret it.


Still in the RunningEdit

Eugene BW
Bea Colored
Charlie Colored
Craig Colored
Hogan Colored
Hugo Colored
Lyle Colored
Merideth Colored
Oran Colored
Pat Colored
Phil Colored
Rene Colored
Skylar Colored
Suzanna Colored
Taylor Colored


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