Rosemary Picture
Contestant Profile
Series: The Sims
Owner: SWSU-Master
Survivor Fan Characters Career
Survivor Fan Characters 11
Tribe(s): Hantz
Finish: 18/18
Challenge Wins: 0
Votes Against: 5
Days Lasted: 3

Rosemary is a human originating from The Sims, and a contestant on Survivor Fan Characters 11

Survivor Fan Characters 11Edit

Episode 1: I Can Smell the Sexual TensionEdit

As soon as Hantz go to their camp, Crisco formed and alliance with Rosemary, Honey, Bradlyn, and Paine. On Day 2 the tribe was around their fire telling stories, where Rosemary was pushed to reveal everyone about her family's death. Everyone quickly apologized for it, and Rosemary said that she didn't want to say too much, so that the memory of her family is in peace. After her and her tribe's failure at immunity, Rosemary was targeted for being weak, but knew she would be safe in the majority alliance, which would vote Eli. Eli quickly caught on this, and promised Crisco that if he voted Rosemary he would fill her place. At Tribal, Rosemary was pushed into revealing all of her family's death, including her husband being burned alive and her two sons drowning. This made Crisco see her as emotionally unstable, and Rosemary was voted out in a 5-4 vote.

Voting HistoryEdit

Rosemary's Voting History
Episode Rosemary's
Voted Against
1 Eli Moe'Mi, Eli, Crisco,
Tialayla, Sexygirlxo
Voted Off, Day 3