"Oooh, You're Going to Jail"
Season Survivor Fan Characters
Episode Number 8/13 (8)
Episode Chronology
Previous Let's Find This Thing!
Next Okay Psychopath

Oooh, You're Going to Jail is the eigth episode of Survivor Fan Characters


Reward Challenge: The castways would be split into three teams. Each team would have to dig up a key in a selected area in the sand, unlock a boat with the key, and paddle out to three buoys that each would have a bag of letters attached to it. The team would then take the letters back to the beach and spell out a word. First team to do so wins.
Reward:A trip to an overnight spa, including food, drinks, and showers.
Winners: Hogan, Merideth, and Skylar Cooper

Immunity Challenge: Each castaway would be in a box, and given a 20 piece picture to memorize and then recreate it on their board. If they were to miss it they would be out of the challenge. Last castaway remaining wins.
Winner: Hogan


Day 22Edit

After tribal council, the former Drazens quickly searched for Pat's clue to the idol. They find Skylar looking for it too so Hugo made a deal to show him the clue if he were to help their alliance later on. In the morning, Rene decided that it would be a good time to tell the tribe that she was a lesbian, and explained that she wanted to let people get to know her before she told them. The former Drazens and Schlipans got to know each other more, including Wendy and Taylor talking, Merideth, Charlie, and Rene talking, and Hugo fishing with Hogan.

Day 23Edit

Merideth, Sky, and Hogan won the reward as a team, and at their reward Merideth continually fussed at them for not using silverware when they scarfed down their dinner. At camp, Charlie and Taylor get into an argument because Charlie said she wanted the rest of the Schlipans out, which angered Taylor.

Day 24Edit

In the immunity challenge, it once again came down to Wendy and Hogan after Rene quit the challenge, angering Wendy. The Drazens became frustrated with her and her cockiness, so Hugo tried to get Skylar, Hogan, and Taylor on their side and use Sky's deal as a guilt trip. However at tribal everyone stuck to tribal lines again and Wendy became the first juror in a vote of 6-3.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 8:
Wendy (6 votes)
Craig ColoredHogan ColoredMerideth Colored
Rene ColoredSkylar ColoredTaylor Colored
Craig, Hogan, Merideth, Rene, Skylar & Taylor
Rene Colored
Rene (3 votes)
Charlie ColoredHugo ColoredWendy
Charlie, Hugo & Wendy
Wendy BW

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

You shouldn't have quit.


You are too strong to keep.


See ya later.


This is our last chance.


Final WordsEdit

24 days, man that was a big adventure, I will never forget the people in this game. I made some good friends, and I hope to be able to vote for one of you in the finals.


Still in the RunningEdit

Eugene BW
Suzanna BW
Bea BW
Oran BW
Lyle BW
Phil BW
Pat BW
Wendy BW
Charlie Colored
Craig Colored
Hogan Colored
Hugo Colored
Merideth Colored
Rene Colored
Skylar Colored
Taylor Colored


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