Mihoshi Picture
Contestant Profile
Age: 14 (in Survivor Fan Characters 2: Brains vs. Brawn)
Series: Lucky Star
Owner: SWSU-Master
Survivor Fan Characters Career
Survivor Fan Characters 2: Brains Vs. Brawn
Tribe(s): Caruga
Finish: 18/20
Challenge Wins: 2
Votes Against: 5
Days Lasted: 9

Mihoshi is a human originating from Lucky Star, and a contestant on Survivor Fan Characters 2: Brains vs. Brawns

Survivor Fan Characters 2Edit

Episode 1: Brains vs. BrawnEdit

Mihoshi became a part of the Brains, or Caruga, tribe at the beginning of the season based off of her smarts and not-to-par physical strength.

At her camp after their immunity loss, Mihoshi was scared that she would be going home, but those fears quickly dissolved when Al gathered in everyone except for Loris and Gus and proposed to vote one of them out. At tribal, she went along with Al's plan and voted for Loris who lost 9-1.

Episode 2: So This Is the Dreaded Exile Island?Edit

Mihoshi was quickly pulled into an alliance of the "abnormal" contestants by Al along with Max and Bitsy. Mihoshi commented that they needed one more vote, since they only had 4 in a tribe of 9, and Mihoshi suggested they get Vinnie, while Bitsy suggested Gus. Mihoshi was also confident that this alliance would prevail, and said she felt safe.

Episode 3: I Prefer the Term Paid Secret KeepingEdit

At camp, Mihoshi was getting annoyed when Ellise started to yell at her and Max for being on break long enough before she was saved by Vinnie, in her own words. Mihoshi was quickly targeted by the alliance of P.J., Kris, Vinnie, and Ellise because of her failed strategy in the immunity challenge. She was surprised when she heard from Gus that she would be getting votes from them, but felt confident that Gus would go with her alliance of Al, Max, Bitsy, and herself to vote out Ellise because she kept on annoying the tribe with her nagging. At tribal council, Mihoshi tried to do some damage control for her failed strategy, but was quickly thrown under the bus by Vinnie to get Gus on his side. Gus chose his side and Mihoshi was voted out 5-4, making her Vinnie's first victim of many.

Voting HistoryEdit

Mihoshi's Voting History
Episode Mihoshi's
Voted Against
1 Loris -
2 Caruga Tribe Immune
3 Ellise Ellise, Gus, Kris,
P.J., Vinnie
Voted Off, Day 9



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