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Contestant Profile
Series: Fire Emblem
Owner: SirMaxYukina
Survivor Fan Characters Career
Survivor Fan Characters: The Cursed Islands
Tribe(s): Z'Baba
► Caposhir
Baba Laaba
Finish: Winner
Challenge Wins: 13
Votes Against: 5
Days Lasted: 39
Marius is a contestant from Survivor Fan Characters: The Cursed Islands. He was the Sole Survivor.

Survivor Fan Characters 5Edit

Voting HistoryEdit

Marius's Voting History
Episode Marius's
Voted Against
1 Z'Baba Tribe Immune
2 Z'Baba Tribe Immune
3 MTL -
4 Z'Baba Tribe Immune
5 Z'Baba Tribe Immune
6 Z'Baba Tribe Immune
7 Sin Maria, Phoenix, Sin
8 Phoenix Phoenix
9 Greg Individual Immunity
10 Greg Individual Immunity
11 Brock
12 Maria Gatemaster, Greg,
Maria, Miranda
13 Amy
14 Greg Greg
Jury Votes
for Marius
Amy, Jessica, Joseph
Winner, Day 39

Post-Survivor Fan CharactersEdit



  • Marius, so far, holds the record for having the lowest amount of jury votes, but win. He only got three jury votes.
  • Marius is the first person to win under a four tribe format, Jackie is the second.
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