Lilly Pendragon
Lilly Picture
Contestant Profile
Age: 22 (in Survivor Fan Characters 4: Fans vs. Canons)
Series: Suikoden
Owner: Konami
Survivor Fan Characters Career
Survivor Fan Characters: Fans Vs. Canons
Tribe(s): Thuklu
► Dakaba
Finish: 3/20
Challenge Wins: 9
Votes Against: 4
Days Lasted: 38
Lilly Pendragon is a contestant from Survivor Fan Characters: Fans Vs. Canons. She placed 3rd.

Survivor Fan Characters 4Edit

Voting HistoryEdit

Lilly's Voting History
Episode Lilly's
Voted Against
1 Sephiroth
2 Thuklu Tribe Immune
3 Thuklu Tribe Immune
4 Minerva
5 Polar Bear
6 No Tribal Council
Dakaba Tribe Immune
7 Julia Julia, Kala
8 Ineligible
Minerva Individual Immunity
9 Marc Joe, Knuckles, Luke,
Marc, Minerva, Polar Bear
10 Joe
11 Knuckles
12 Minerva;
Individual Immunity
13 Barney
14 Polar Bear Polar Bear
Barney Individual Immunity
Ineligible Luke
Voted Out, 8th Jury Member, Day 37
Voted for
Sole Survivor

1 - A tie on Day 33 occurred, Lilly changed her vote to Kala.



  • Lilly is the last canon character to be eliminated in her season.
  • Lilly is the highest-ranking member of the original Thuklu tribe.
    • Lilly is thus the highest-ranking female member of the original Thuklu tribe.