"Let's Talk About Something Stupid"
Season Survivor Fan Characters 12: Fans vs. Canons
Episode Number 2/14 (2)
Episode Chronology

Let's Talk About Something Stupid is the second episode of Survivor Fan Characters 12: Fans vs. Canons


Day 4Edit

Arriving back from tribal council, Sharker and Mike are worried about their position in the tribe, and they're both upset that Uri, who was sick, was voted out over Shelby, who does nothing in camp. They confirm with Zoella that they won't be the next one out, and Zoella says how valuable both of the guys are to the tribe and make an alliance with Eric and Yvonne. Meanwhile, Bernie is certain he has control of the tribe now and goes crazy in a confessional about it.

Sharker thinks he's in control. Sharker thinks that because he has all those muscles he can make the tribe do WHATEVER HE WANTS! But not me... no. I AM THE ONE RUNNING THIS GAME! He may think he is... and I'll let him think that, but... who lost one of their allies last night? It sure wasn't me... heheheheeee...I'm good.


We have Eric, you have Yvonne. That's five. Bernie wants to control everything. Lets allow him to have his way, make the calls. But we have veto power.


At Canredons, Maggie breaks down emotionally because of all the simple conversations everyone has at camp. She says how stupid it all is, but then reveals how much she misses it all. Because she's from the Walking Dead, she never has a chance to relax or have fun, and it's been a long time for her since she had trivial things to worry about, and hopes that her family is okay at home. Kim comforts her as she cries about it.

And all those trivial things... I miss them... It's nice to be someplace where... that's the most important thing. There's no constant fear of Walkers, Killers, or anything... I'm hearing others say that this is the hardest thing they've ever done. Really? You're biggest thing to worry about is getting voted off and losing a silly game show.




Three members of each tribe would balance on a small narrow beam holding torches, while two from the opposing tribe would try to shoot them with water and either knock them into the pool or extinguish their flame. At the same time, the four remaining tribe members would have to supply water to the guns from the ocean. First tribe to shoot down the other 3 win.

Winner:  Fabluens

Immunity Challenge
Placement Tribe Flame Holders Shooters Water Suppliers Sit- Outs
1st Fabluens Bernie ColoredRobbie ColoredShelby Colored
Bernie, Robbie & Shelby
Yvonne ColoredZoella Colored
Yvonne & Zoella
Cleopatra ColoredEric ColoredMike ColoredSharker Colored
Cleopatra, Eric, Mike & Sharker
2nd Canredons Enter ColoredKim ColoredLola Colored
Enter, Kim & Lola
Maggie ColoredPhoenixW Colored
Maggie & Phoenix
Bowser ColoredBrittnay ColoredFoxxy ColoredSpongebob Colored
Bowser, Brittnay, Foxxy & Spongebob
Sheldon Colored