"I Won it for the Tribe, I'm Unstoppable"
Season Survivor Fan Characters
Episode Number 2/13 (2)
Episode Chronology
Previous Things Are Looking Real Crazy Around Here
Next Intervention Time

I Won it for the Tribe, I'm Unstoppable is the second episode of Survivor Fan Characters 2: Brains vs. Brawn  


Reward Challenge: Questions with three choices would be asked and whoever got it correct could eliminate someone from the other tribe, and the last tribe with at least one member remaining wins.
Reward: A fishing pole.
Winner: Schlipa

Immunity Challenge: Each tribe would select 5 members to go out into the water and collect the 5 puzzle pieces for their tribe, and each could only get one. They would then race back to land the remaining 2 members would assemble the puzzle. First tribe to do so wins.
Winner: Schlipa
Kidnapped: Oran


Day 4Edit

After Drazen's previous Tribal Council, Wendy is openly angry at Pat for blindsiding Eugene, but Pat tells her to blame Hugo and not her, because Hugo was the one who flipped. Hugo, Wendy, Charlie, and Phil all come together in an alliance, and Hugo and Pat both lie to each other and give each other false security. At Schlipa, Phil comes to realize he's a joke with his food obsession as Bea and Lyle talk about everyone on their tribe. Taylor revealed that she's in two separate alliances with Skylar and Hogan and then annoyed her tribe to great extent.

Day 5Edit

In the Reward challenge, Craig and Oran both did horrible, but Craig lost the least and pulled a win for Schlipa, and continued to boast about it camp, which annoyed Bea. Because she refused to congradulate him, Craig offered himself to any alliance that would vote for Bea, but no one agrees with him. At Drazen, Phil recoops with his new alliance and they all agree that Oran needs to go next, while Pat senses danger for her and her alliance, even though Suzanna sees nothing wrong.

Day 6Edit

Because if Oran's quitting the challenge and being kidnapped, the main Drazen alliance all agreed to vote of Suzanna, because Pat was an asset to their tribe. All of them except for Charlie were okay with this, because Suzanna was Charlie's closest friend. Charlie talked to Pat about tieing up the vote to Suzanna and Phil, but Pat wasn't confident in the plan, and Suzanna left in a vote of 4-2.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 2:
Suzanna Colored
Suzanna (4 votes)
Hugo ColoredPat ColoredPhil ColoredWendy
Hugo, Pat, Phil & Wendy
Phil Colored
Phil (2 votes)
Charlie ColoredSuzanna Colored
Charlie & Suzanna
Suzanna BW

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Suzy you guessed right.


You are too nice for this game. Although it hurts to cast it, this vote is necessary.


The cravings during the beginning screw up bonding time.


I don't know who my vote is for, because I have not written anything.


Final WordsEdit

I love you all, I completely understand the vote, best of luck to Pat. Pat please get Oran out.


Still in the RunningEdit

Eugene BW
Suzanna BW
Bea Colored
Charlie Colored
Craig Colored
Hogan Colored
Hugo Colored
Lyle Colored
Merideth Colored
Oran Colored
Pat Colored
Phil Colored
Rene Colored
Skylar Colored
Taylor Colored


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