"I Can Think of 100 Reasons to Keep Me"
Season Survivor Fan Characters
Episode Number 5/13 (5)
Episode Chronology
Previous Come On! That's Ancient History!
Next What's the Verdict?

I Can Think of 100 Reasons to Keep Me is the fifth episode of Survivor Fan Characters


Reward Challenge: Each tribe would have one person who must guide the others through the course on a platform. First tribe that finished first wins.Reward: Trip to a cabin on a beach.
Winners: Drazen

Immunity Challenge: Each tribe would have a 350 lb bolder that they would have to support, and if a tribe member were to quit, their share of the weight would be divided to the rest of the tribe. Last tribe with the rock supported wins immunity.
Winner: Drazen
Kidnapped: Skylar Cooper


Day 13Edit

When Drazen returns from Tribal Council, everyone is happy with the results. They want to celebrate, but Charlie refuses and leaves. This gives Wendy and Phil the opportunity to offer Pat Charlie's spot in their alliance, to which the she- wolf quickly takes. Drazen later talks about the Pairs twist, and Charlie tries to align with Phil, but he denies her. At Schlipa, Rene and Merideth get Hogan and Taylor into their main alliance, putting Lyle and Skylar on the outs. Lyle tries to form an alliance with Sky, but the raccoon refuses.

Day 14Edit

After Drazen won the Reward, they spent their day relaxing in the sun. But, Phil and Hugo both began talking about their secret alliance within the main alliance of Drazen. As they were talking, the girls outside could easily hear them. At Schlipa, instead of working with Lyle, Sky works against him and manipulates Craig into wanting Lyle. This complicates Rene and Merideth's plans to save Lyle and vote out Sky.

Day 15Edit

Schlipa loses Immunity and Skylar is kidnapped from their tribe, leaving Lyle as the sole outsider. Since he knew that he would be voted out, Lyle took the chance to oust some secrets in the tribe, including Hogan and Taylor's romantic alliance, Craig ending up being the swing vote, and Rene and Merideth planning to come out on top of the "Three Ring Alliance". Lyle continues revealing information, which makes Merideth yell at him to shut up, and Rene get mad that he's making them look like bad guys. At Tribal, Lyle is unanimously voted out 5-1.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 5:
Lyle Colored
Lyle (5 votes)
Craig ColoredHogan ColoredMerideth Colored
Rene ColoredTaylor Colored
Craig, Hogan, Merideth, Rene & Taylor
Taylor Colored
Taylor (1 vote)
Lyle Colored
Lyle BW
Lyle Washadigabudiga

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Take this vote as a compliment; you are a mental threat.


I dunno, just because.


You are getting way too smart.


Final WordsEdit

Wow, 15 days. I am incredibly proud of myself. As strange as it sounds, Merideth and Rene, I am rooting for you because you are playing the best game out of anyone.

–Lyle Washadigabudiga

Still in the RunningEdit

Eugene BW
Suzanna BW
Bea BW
Oran BW
Lyle BW
Charlie Colored
Craig Colored
Hogan Colored
Hugo Colored
Merideth Colored
Pat Colored
Phil Colored
Rene Colored
Skylar Colored
Taylor Colored


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