"I Can Smell the Sexual Tension"
Season Survivor Fan Characters 11
Episode Number 1/13 (1)
Episode Chronology
Next Purgatory Has a Buffet

I Can Smell the Sexual Tension is the first episode of Survivor Fan Characters 11


Immunity Challenge: Two people from each tribe would use a device to wheel another member on a kart towards them on a rail. Along the way there would be obstacles that other pairs from the tribe would have to clear in order to proceed. First tribe that would get their kart and flame on the kart would win.
Used Idol: Mariano
Advantage: The tribe would have the first obstacle already cleared for them.
Winner: Mariano


Day 1Edit

When Mariano first get to their camp, they have a short meet and greet before building the shelter, which Juiced Up spearheads with the rest of the males, excluding Casey. At Hantz, Eli and Moe'Mi and Sexygirlxo were sent to go find the water supply and the three debated over Survivor while Crisco formed an alliance with Honey, Paine, Rosemary, and Bradlyn.

Day 2Edit

After Mariano finished their shelter and got accustomed to their living space, Artemis and Flaithri started an alliance after Artemis finds out about him being weak because of his armor. The two search for idols around the camp while Juiced Up, Claus, and Casey formed an alliance in the shelter, expecting majority with Dwayne and Angel. At Hantz, Eli and Honey try to work Paine and Tialayla together because they were both tigers, and at night Rosemary shared some of the details of her family's death, and Paine talks about him being a stuffed animal while Sexygirlxo tries to get attention from the tribe.

Day 3Edit

Because Eli and Rosemary both contributed in Hantz's failure, Crisco's alliance targets Eli and Moe'Mi, Sexy, Tia, and Eli target Rosemary. In desperation of wanting to stay in the game Eli tells Crisco that if he betrays Rose, that he would be his new 5th member of his alliance. At tribal council, Eli and Bradlyn both push Rosemary to tell her complete story of her family dieing and to break down, makign Crisco seeing her as weak and vote her off in a vote of 5-4.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 1:
Rosemary Colored
Rosemary (5 votes)
Crisco ColoredEli ColoredMoe'Mi Colored
Sexygirlxo ColoredTialayla Colored
Crisco, Eli, Moe'Mi, Sexygirlxo & Tialayla
Eli Colored
Eli (4 votes)
Bradlyn ColoredHoney Colored
Paine ColoredRosemary Colored
Bradlyn, Honey, Paine & Rosemary
Rosemary BW

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Eli.... You're nice.... But I have alliances.... Maybe with people I shouldn't. Sorry it has to be you.


I have the power to send one of the home, and I know what I'm doing. You let me down, and if you let me down, you're fired.


I REALLY hope Crisco doesn't know that Rotu, Espada, Savaii, and Tandang all won immunity.... Sorry Rose....If I win I'll make it up to you.


Final WordsEdit

This was the most emotional night I've had in a long time.... I hope that.... nobody is mad at me for not doing that well, but I did the best I could. No hard feelings. I just wish I got a heads up that I was going.


Still in the RunningEdit

Rosemary BW
Angel Colored
Artemis Colored
Bradlyn Colored
Casey Colored
Claus Colored
Crisco Colored
Dwayne Colored
Eli Colored
Flaithri Colored
Honey Colored
 Juiced Up
Juiced Up Colored
Moe'Mi Colored
Paine Colored
Sexygirlxo Colored
Sunflower Colored
Tialayla Colored
Whitney Colored


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