"Geography is in My Blood"
Season Survivor Fan Characters 12: Fans vs. Canons
Episode Number 1/14 (1)
Episode Chronology

Geography is in My Blood is the first episode of Survivor Fan Characters 12: Fans vs. Canons


Day 1Edit

When Fabluens arrived at their camp, Uri stood out and was able to keep up with the strongest guys of the tribe. While some scouted for camp, Robbie tried to encourage his tribe and help them believe that they could win over the Canons. Meanwhile Shelby uses Mike as a transporter so she doesn't have to walk the 10 miles.

I watch a lot of TV shows. I play a lot of video games. I know them, I know their strengths, their weaknesses. The majority of them don't know a thing about us. We have knowledge on our side, and I would take my knowledge as my weapon into this battle, and I believe we will emerge victorious.


Lola leads Canredons to camp, and Phoenix is sure that he has a leg up on everyone else on his tribe because he was a family visitor for Chris in Season 2. Brittnay goes off on Sheldon and Foxxy can already tell that she doesn't like most of her tribe. Bowser also goes crazy and thinks he can control the tribe camp.

Let me tell you something. Foxxy Love's been in games like this before. She's lived with the weirdos, the bitches, and the douchebags, she KNOWS what she's getting into, but there are all these white folk who just mmhm gotta act all cray cray and shit.


Day 2Edit

Fabluens get all their work done early and start relaxing, except for Yvonne, who worries that everyone who walks off with each other are forming alliances. Shelby gets her to calm down, but she's right as Sharker forms an alliance with Mike, Eric, and Uri, the three strongest tribe members, but only for protection for each other.

Only day two and I'm freaking out. I'm watching everyone go off and have a few walks with others. Bernie's off with freaking everyone so I already don't trust him, and then, and then all these groups going off with each other. I'm trying to reassure myself that not everyone is going out and making an alliance, sometimes it can be... it can be normal chit chat.


Sharker, Mike, myself, Uri are in an alliance. We're the strong people of the tribe, and we are sticking together so that we have a fighting chance. It's not really against anyone here. We aren't going to... target people. This is just for the best move for the tribe. We're going to kick the under performing players off the team.


Sheldon instigates a fight with Brittnay when she claims his seat by the fire, and the two get in a heated argument that everyone is annoyed by. Kim explains how the tribe was positive that Bowser would be the first boot because of his crazy and demented personality, but now no one is sure what they want to do if the two continue fighting. While this is all going on Lola and Spongebob are playing games with each other.

I think five minutes since arriving, they have been at each other's throats, and Sheldon NEVER shuts up, and the more he talks the angrier she gets. I mean we all agreed Bowser was going first, but now I'm not so sure. I mean he keeps to himself for the most part. Those two are like a tornado of chaos they just move and... *sigh* I don't see how it's going to get any better.


Most everyone in Fabluens notice Shelby's inactivity at camp, but Bernie also analyzes how Uri is down with a cold and stays in the shelter most of the time. Uri is determined to not give up, and Zoella helps her feel better because of her understanding of illnesses. Cleopatra and Bernie plan to use Uri's sickness against her and show everyone how poorly Uri does in the challenge in order to vote her out instead of Shelby.

I don't quit... I'm a ranger, we don't... we just never give up. That just means that I'll have to work ten times as hard, but I know... That I can still make my team proud... I'm giving it my all in this challenge... I'm not going home first.


Phoenix and Kim form an alliance with each other, with plans to add Maggie, Foxxy, and [{Enter]]. They succeed in the first two, but when they get to Enter they get a suspicious feeling about him since no one has seen his show. Enter seems to be nice, but then goes behind their backs and befriends Bowser, who order him to take the others out.

I may not know a lot about Enter, since from my experience I can tell that there's stuff that he's hiding from me, but I'm unsure as to whether it's actual dark secrets, or just... smart gameplay and not wanting to reveal certain aspects to a stranger. I'm going to keep an eye on him, but I'm going to trust him until he gives me a reason not to.


Day 3Edit

After their loss, everyone minus Shelby in Fabluens agree to vote her out for not doing work and being lazy. However, Shelby, Bernie, and Cleopatra are revealed to be working together; Shelby gives them information and power and they give her safety. Bernie concocts a plan to save her by telling everyone that they could catch Uri's sickness, even though she is still capable in challenges. This convinces Yvonne and Zoella, who both know a lot about illnesses, and they are able to convince Robbie and Eric, and even through Sharker's efforts to convince the tribe otherwise Uri is voted out 7-3 over Shelby.

Ugh...I, I don't know. I mean there is someone here with so much potential, but can also damage the tribe significantly, then you have someone who doesn't help the tribe at all... but can't bring them down with her. I won't know who to vote until I get there.




Four members from each would race to the beach and assemble a boat. Inside the boat would be four oars, and a torch, once that is done five others would get on the boat and row to get the flame. They would then race back to the beach and hand the torch off to final member and they would lite a fire at their team mat. First to ignite the fire would win Immunity.  

Winner:  Canredons

Immunity Challenge
Placement Tribe Boat Assemblers Rowers Runner
1st Canredons Bowser ColoredBrittnay ColoredEnter ColoredSheldon Colored
Bowser, Brittnay, Enter & Sheldon
Foxxy ColoredLola ColoredMaggie ColoredPhoenixW ColoredSpongebob Colored
Foxxy, Lola, Maggie, Phoenix & Spongebob
Kim Colored
2nd Fabluens Bernie ColoredCleopatra ColoredRobbie ColoredYvonne Colored
Bernie, Cleopatra, Robbie & Yvonne
Eric ColoredSharker ColoredShelby ColoredUri ColoredZoella Colored
Eric, Sharker, Shelby, Uri & Zoella
Mike Colored

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 1:
Uri Colored
Uri (7 votes)
Bernie ColoredCleopatra ColoredEric ColoredRobbie Colored
Shelby ColoredYvonne ColoredZoella Colored
Bernie, Cleopatra, Eric, Robbie, Shelby, Yvonne & Zoella
Shelby Colored
Shelby (3 votes)
Mike ColoredSharker ColoredUri Colored
Mike, Sharker & Uri
Uri BW

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

This isn't against you personally. I just want to be able to take control. And you threaten that for me


You see, first boot is not a style that fits me. But it looks absolutely stunning on you. Buh bye.


If you want to take catnaps in the sun, do it somewhere else


You're a jerk


Final WordsEdit

I'm BEYOND upset. I played as hard as I could. Even though I fought 150% with a cold, they voted me out. They had it out for me, they used scare tactics. And... *sighs* I'm proud of how I played. I'm just disappointed in how the others did.


Still in the RunningEdit

Uri BW
Bernie Colored
Bowser Colored
Brittnay Colored
Cleopatra Colored
Enter Colored
Eric Colored
Foxxy Colored
Kim Colored
Lola Colored
Maggie Colored
Mike Colored
PhoenixW Colored
Robbie Colored
Sharker Colored
Shelby Colored
Sheldon Colored
Spongebob Colored
Yvonne Colored
Zoella Colored


  • The episode quote was said by Lola, thinking she had either geography or dodgeball in her blood.