Double Tribal Council
Survivor Fan Characters Gameplay
Description: When two tribes are forced to attend Tribal Council and each vote out a member.
Appearances: Survivor Fan Characters 2: Brains vs. Brawn
Survivor Fan Characters 3
Survivor Fan Characters 7
Survivor Fan Characters 9
Survivor Fan Characters 10: Battle of the Tribes
Survivor Fan Characters 12: Fans vs. Canons
Survivor Fan Characters 15
Survivor Fan Characters 17: Alola

A Double Tribal Council is a game changing twist where two tribes must go to Tribal Council, as opposed to one. This twist first appeared in Survivor Fan Characters 2: Brains vs. Brawn, and has since returned numerous times.


A Double Tribal Council can occur any time there are two or more tribes remaining in the game. They are usually announced before/at a challenge, and the reward from the challenge is usually individual immunity. Depending on the season, a game-wide twist such as Exile or Abduction may or may not be in play during this cycle.

A Double Tribal Council can also take place with three or more tribes remaining in the game, with the two lowest-scoring tribes at the Immunity Challenge going to Tribal Council with no members individually immune. This format can also be extended into a Triple Tribal Council, but with three contestants being voted out instead of two.

At a Double Tribal Council, the discussion phases of the two tribes usually occur simultaneously, with the results being delayed. Double Tribal Councils generally occur with larger casts (20+), for they eliminate contestants quicker than a usual immunity challenge/Tribal Council cycle.

Contestants Voted Out at a Double Tribal CouncilEdit

Season Episode First
Brains vs. Brawn 6 Al Colored
F'Kliuty Strung VX
Spikey Colored
Max secretly betrayed Al to save himself and Al was voted out by a vote of 5-2-1. Afterwards, Caruga voted out Spikey by a vote of 4-3.
8 Max Colored
Polly Colored
La Bira voted off Max, then Caruga voted for who would vote off a second La Bira member. Caruga voted for Bitsy, and she voted out Polly.
SFC3 3 Miichelle
Lockora won the immunity challenge. Pambar voted out Miichelle for being mute, while Roku blindsided Delta.
All Stars 7 Mary SFC6
Vinnie SFC6
Solaris voted out Mary, then Vinnie revealed that he was injured, so he needed medical help. He asked to be voted out to get the help after he gave the individual immunity that he won to Lucky, and his team complied.
SFC7 5 Bo Colored
Bo Basalt
Derek Colored
Ventious won individual immunity and chose to give Ker individual immunity as well, saving her, while dooming Bo to a 3-2-1 elimination.At Corsona's Tribal Council, Derek was voted out.
SFC9 6 Ieaeka Colored
Summer Colored
Carbo voted out Ieaeka due to Bonnie's manipulation in making it seem like Ieaeka was untrustworthy. Aleksan was immune at Amatri's Tribal Council, allowing Summer to being voted out.
Battle of the Tribes 7 FrankAS Colored
ChriiAS Colored
Chrii Yukizuma
Frank was voted out at the combined Carbo and Corsona tribes' Tribal Council. Afterwards, The twist in a bottle revealed that a contestant from the tribe that did not have someone eliminated in the first vote would have someone voted out in the second, with the remaining members of the losing tribe receiving technical immunity, meaning Adrian, Bonnie, and Sanza. For betraying Frank, Adrian, and Sanza, Chrii was eliminated.
Fans vs. Canons 2 6 Eric Colored
Eric Guy
Brittnay Colored
Brittnay Matthews
Canredons voted out Eric, as he was perceived as a threat. Fabluens voted out Brittnay as she was finally not under Enter's idol protection.
SFC15 7 Lea Colored
Juli Colored
Juli Inkson
Lea was voted out at Tortana's Tribal Council in a revote, then Juli was voted out at Golgora's Tribal Council.
Alola 5 Nezumi Colored
Koko voted out Nezumi due to her bad attitude and the belief that she had an idol, although she did not.