Casey Picture
Contestant Profile
Series: Recess
Owner: pgcool
Survivor Fan Characters Career
Survivor Fan Characters 11
Tribe(s): Mariano
Finish: 16/18
Challenge Wins: 3
Votes Against: 6
Days Lasted: 9

Casey is a human originating from Recess, and a contestant on Survivor Fan Characters 11

Survivor Fan Characters 11Edit

Episode 1: I Can Smell the Sexual TensionEdit

When Mariano builds a shelter in the cave, Casey is shown hanging out with Juiced Up and Claus, playing cards. Later the three guys form an alliance, and Casey is happy because he loves being in control over adults. Claus reminds them that they need 2 more people for majority, and Juiced Up offers Dwayne and Angel and the two are solidified into their alliance unofficially.

Episode 2: Purgatory Has a BuffetEdit

Casey, Claus, and Juiced Up that people on their tribe are turning to Flaithri rather than them, and talk about people's stupidity and see themselves in control, and when Angel hears all of what they are talking about she knows she doesn't want to be in their alliance.

Episode 3: I Talk to TreesEdit

When Mariano wins reward, Angel complains about the food that they won, and automatically the thee guys dislike her for being unappreciative of their win. Casey complains about her in a confessional, and jokes about her being fat when he himself is fat too. Later, Casey goes to the fish trap that Dwayne built and unloads all of the fish and leaves them on the beach to cook later, but the fish give off a terrible smell and the tribe is angry at him for wasting the fish, so they all target Casey if they lose. The guys alliance agrees on voting out Angel when they DO lose, and Flaithri and Artemis think about splitting the vote in case Casey as an idol, but they don't and the guys get a wake- up call when Casey is voted out by a vote of 6-3.

Voting HistoryEdit

Casey's Voting History
Episode Casey's
Voted Against
1 Mariano Tribe Immune
2 Mariano Tribe Immune
3 Angel Sunflower, Artemis, Flaithri,
Dwayne, Angel, Whitney
Voted Off, Day 9



  • Casey is the only Mariano member to be voted out pre-mutiny.
    • If you don't count Flaithri & Artemis' eliminations, as they were apart of Hantz at the time of their elimination, then Casey is the only Mariano member voted out pre-merge.