Tribe Profile
Season: Season 5
Tribe Type: Starting Tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): Jango
Ooba Uba
Tribe Status: Merged with Z'Baba on Day 21
Challenge Wins: 6
Lowest Placing Member: Tsukkin (13/17)
Highest Placing Member: Maria (6/17)

SFC5 flag caposhir


Caposhir insignia



Caposhir was a starting tribe from Survivor Fan Characters: The Cursed Islands.

Caposhir, before the dissolve of Jango, usually came in second or third, but quickly lost immunity challenges after the second dissolve. Their tribe color is red.


BrockMaria SFC5Sin SFC5Tsukkin
  • Brock, a human from the Powerpuff Girls.
  • Maria, a human from Superjail.
  • Mana D. Sin, a human from One Piece.
  • Tsukkin, a human from Marvel vs. Capcom.

Post-First Absorption TribeEdit

BrockGregMaria SFC5
Sin SFC5Tsukkin

  • Brock
  • Greg, a human from Kingdom Hearts.
  • Maria
  • Mana D. Sin
  • Tsukkin

Post-Second Absorption TribeEdit

AudreyAmy SFC5Joesph
Maria SFC5PhoenixSin SFC5

Post-Mutiny TribeEdit

Amy SFC5Gatemaster SFC5JessicaJoesph
Maria SFC5MariusPhoenixSin SFC5

Tribe HistoryEdit



  • Caposhir holds the record for having the most amount of people being on this tribe, 12 of the 17 castaways were on Caposhir at one point or another.

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