Barney Callahan
Barney Picture
Contestant Profile
Age: 27 (in Survivor Fan Characters 4: Fans vs. Canons)
Series: Suikoden
Owner: SSBFreak
Survivor Fan Characters Career
Survivor Fan Characters: Fans Vs. Canons
Tribe(s): Dakaba
Finish: Winner
Challenge Wins: 7
Votes Against: 8
Days Lasted: 39
Barney Callahan is a contestant from Survivor Fan Characters: Fans Vs. Canons. He was the Sole Survivor.

Survivor Fan Characters 4Edit

Voting HistoryEdit

Barney's Voting History
Episode Barney's
Voted Against
1 Dakaba Tribe Immune
2 Ella
3 Chaona
4 Dakaba Tribe Immune
5 Rebecca
6 No Tribal Council
Dakaba Tribe Immune
7 Julia
8 Ineligible
9 Marc
10 Joe Joe, Knuckles,
Minerva, Polar Bear
11 Minerva Individual Immunity
12 Kala Minerva, Polar Bear;
Minerva, Polar Bear1
13 Minerva Lilly, Minerva, Polar Bear
14 Polar Bear Individual Immunity
Chaona Chaona, Lilly2
Jury Votes
for Barney
Chaona, Joe, Kala, Knuckles,
Lilly, Marc, Minerva, Polar Bear
Winner, Day 39

1 - A tie on Day 33 occurred, Barney was unable to revote.
2 - A 2-2 tie on Day 38 occurred. Barney and Chaona competed in a tiebreaker. Barney won.



  • Barney is the first winner to win unanimously.
    • Barney also received the most votes to win, with eight.
  • Barney is the highest-ranking member of the original Dakaba tribe.
    • Barney is thus the highest-ranking male member of the original Dakaba tribe.
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Survivor Fan Characters 4: Fans vs. Canons
Barney Callahan
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